A little bit of kitty and a whole lot of city

Kitty Jul 30

20 things we’ve actually said, out loud, to our cats

Turns out, everyone expresses their love in, ahem, very different ways. (See also: I’m terrifying.) Skin-to-skin contact is good for baby kitties, too! DON’T FORGET THAT I ADOPTED YOU, WHICH MEANS YOU ARE FORCED TO BE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER AND EVER. Sit still while Mommy Instagrams you. I could sniff you all day and all night. We do not bite Mommy’s feet while she’s Facebooking. Just because you are an animal does not mean you don’t understand English. If you continue to shed on my pillow, I will shave you bald. God made you with a deformed leg because he didn’t want you to run away from Mommy. Stop staring at me immediately or I will take away your… Read More

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Love Jul 29

7 hard truths about dating someone from another religion

The Bear is Jewish. I am not. We couldn’t have been raised more differently. Thankfully, those differences keep things interesting (and to be fair, we do share a TON in common, too: a very strange sense of humor, the desire to travel to crazy places, wine, you get the picture.) At the beginning, I assumed that religion might makes things a little trickier, but boy is that an understatement – especially if one of you (him) comes from an extremely religiously observant background. In light of the compromises, weird conversations, and awkward moments we’ve been through in the last two years – and there have been many – I’m dropping a few truths on you, in the case you find yourself at… Read More

Etc Jun 27

long hair vs short hair: the pros, the cons & that time i had a weird in-between thing going on

DISCLAIMER: This is not an open forum to share your opinion on which haircut looks better. They’re like children to me in the sense that I love each of them equally but differently. Be nice to my children, will you? Long hair, PRO*: Most guys like it. Okay, all guys. I genuinely wish this wasn’t true – apparently, Heath Ledger loved a great pixie – but in my highly scientific study of one, every single ex-boyfriend has requested it long. Cavemen, they are. *I present this as a hesitant pro – ultimately, you do you, ladies. Short hair, PRO: Bedhead looks purposeful. Long hair, PRO: I felt more feminine. Don’t get me wrong – I felt like a lady with short… Read More

Etc Jun 03

things i’m not worrying about anymore

The first one being, starting any posts with a proper introduction. Doing yoga. I’m sure it would be fantastic for me, super-energizing and healthy. I’m sure I would glow. Meditation would probably be swell, too. But how and when and why I relieve my stress is up to me and I don’t get all preachy to you about the merits of walking 30 city blocks while listening to Barry Manilow, do I? DO I? Being polite. Beyond common courtesy and general respect, of course. Being polite IS a good thing, mostly. What I mean by this, really, is making time in my life for people unable to see past themselves, past the short-term, past the me, me, me. Relationships are based on… Read More

Travel May 17

an aesthetically-pleasing alphabetical photo journey through costa rica

So Costa Rica was a trip. Both in the literal sense: a trip we went on as well as a verb, meaning, it was an intense, stimulating, and exciting experience. (Dictionary.com.) I’m not really in the mood to use my words right now (also a recurring problem when I was two years old), so forgive me and look at these jungle-y photos instead. (Spotify recommendation while you scroll: “Welcome to the Jungle,” by Guns N’ Roses.) I’ve done you the service of including alphabetical captions, so that you and children under 5 can follow along.   Apartments that include monkey corridors. I repeat: In Costa Rica, there are apartments for sale that include monkey corridors. Run, do not walk, to your nearest… Read More