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Travel Jan 08

5 reasons you should travel with a midwesterner

It’s a bold claim, but we asked a born-and-raised Midwesterner about the personality traits that make them the ideal travel companions: The stereotype is true: We’re friendly. We’re the people you want next to you when your flight is delayed, your luggage is lost, or an airline rep is rude. In truth, we’ll probably apologize to you when your layover in Minneapolis is five hours longer than scheduled because the plane is de-icing—again. That’s because we feel directly responsible for our state’s horrendous snowstorms. (Really, we’re so sorry.) Read the rest over at Conde Nast Traveler: Photo credit: Conde Nast Traveler

Etc Aug 18

regular people answering hard questions: stacy morrison

Up this week on Regular People Answering Hard Questions is the lovely, the brilliant, the kind Stacy Morrison. (You can read more of her writing at Filling In The Blanks or her book: Falling Apart in One Piece; I read the book a few weekends ago and found myself underlining and nodding and underlining because Stacy’s observations about life are scarily astute.) She’s also the EIC of a tiny, little website called BlogHer – maybe you’ve heard of it? I hope you’re touched by her insights as much I am. Thank you for participating, Stacy! And in case you missed the first two in this series: Cecily Kellogg Angie’s BFF from childhood, Sara ——— You, in three words? Curious, intense, compassionate What do … Continue reading regular people answering hard questions: stacy morrison

Etc Aug 14

the curious case of the extroverted introvert

Most people who’ve just met me think I’m extroverted. All outward-facing signs back it up: I can work a mom blog conference like nobody’s business and I will small-talk you until there is not one trivial life fact that I don’t know. If there’s a lull in the conversation, I’ll fill it and if there’s a dance floor, I’m on it. I have no trepidations against introducing myself to complete strangers and and if you dare me to take a walk on the wild side, I’ll probably do it. (I’ll definitely do it if I’ve had a few gin & tonics.) So for a long time, I assumed I was extroverted. (After all, I’m an Aries, and let me tell you, us Aries are a … Continue reading the curious case of the extroverted introvert

Etc Aug 08

regular people answering hard questions: angie’s childhood bff, sara

In case you missed it, last week I started a series called: Regular People Answering Hard Questions, which as I mentioned, is exactly what it sounds like. Up this week, as our regular person, is my best friend from grade school, Sara. (Back then, we called each other by the name “Carrie Elfkin” – as you can see, the weird gene within me has always run strong.) As the years went by, Sara and I lost touch but I’ve followed her life on the Internet (thank god for social media!) and when I began this series, I immediately thought of her. She’s now married, living in Florida, working as an instructional developer for a communications company. And as you can see through … Continue reading regular people answering hard questions: angie’s childhood bff, sara

Love Aug 06

how NOT to “organize” your boyfriend’s apartment

Before we begin, let’s get a few facts straight, shall we? Clutter makes me panicky. Things like old envelopes, tickets, receipts, shoe boxes full of…nothing? I have a physical aversion. (An unmade bed? Sure. A sink with a few dishes? No problem. But a counter that has thingamabobs on it? Kill me softly.) To quote The Little Mermaid, “Look at this stuff? Isn’t it neat?” NO, IT IS NOT NEAT. Pen caps, free coupon mailers, and business cards are the act of Satan and that is a certain, unalienable truth that cannot be argued. Moving on. The Bear is on nightshift this week (kill me loudly), which means we’re on totally opposite schedules. His days are long and sunlight is … Continue reading how NOT to “organize” your boyfriend’s apartment