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Travel Apr 01

i came to california and my headaches stopped

Really. They stopped. Magic. Or is it something in the West Coast air? Something a little…eerie, perhaps? Canoes have teeth. Sandals triple in size. Flowers morph into peacocks. Homes don’t shave. Canals sprout in homeowner’s backyards. Bananas exist outside of Aisle 3. Dara is capable of joy. I let someone else take my photo. New York taxis become lifeguard vehicles. (You cannot hail them, I tried.) Malibu is a place, not a Barbie. Zuma, also, a beach apparently, not Gwen Stefani’s child. Snow is sand. Food carts are beach-side shacks. Pigeons wear seagull costumes. Heathens are allowed into five-star hotels. Ceilings are tiled. Plants resemble green snowmen. Typewriters soar through the air. (More on that here.) Museums have putting greens.… Read More

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Books Mar 23

what i’m bookworming, march 2014

Here’s what I’m reading in this month’s installment of Bookwormin’! What’s Bookworming, you ask? Here’s an overview. David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell | 5/10 Oh, Malcolm. I enjoyed your first few books. Outliers and What the Dog Saw were relatively mind-blowing, but I feel like your schtick of making a broad thesis, then finding situations to support it, is getting tired. At least in past books your wild theories, while always a wee bit far-fetched, have caused me pause, made me rethink previous notions. I appreciated that. That’s why I kept reading. But in David & Goliath, your scenarios are scattered and they support a cliche argument at that. (Most of us learned that underdogs come out on top from… Read More

Books Mar 21

if there was only one bookstore left in the world, it would look like this

As you’ve heard, I love to read. And so does my friend, Iva (who is a published author! buy her book!) So when I came to LA this week – more photos from the trip later – she told me about a bookstore I absolutely had to visit. It’s called The Last Bookstore, but I’m calling it the anti-Barnes & Noble. It’s bizarre, it’s quirky, and best of all, it has an entire upper-level called The Labyrinth filled to the brim with $1 books! (I almost purchased an additional suitcase to bring home an entire library, thankfully, Iva restrained me.) Oh, and did I mention that the building used to be a bank and there’s a walk-in vault filled with even… Read More

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Blogging Mar 14

9 social media phrases that drive me batty

Listen, I’m totally guilty of using these expressions once or twice on the old Twitter and Facebook (and even in person! in real life conversation!). But like the carton of Pad Thai in the back of your fridge, these once-clever gems have expired. Take note. Social media poisoning comes on fast and it comes on strong. 1. “No, *YOU* just ate an entire pack of chocolate chip cookie dough in one sitting.” Or any variation of this. No, YOU just accidentally flushed your iPhone down the toilet. No, YOU just burned off your hair with the curling iron. Well, no, actually, I didn’t. You did. And this stale, turn-it-on-its-head joke wasn’t that funny the first time. 2.  ”Just saying.” Passive-aggressive… Read More

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Love Mar 13

who’s your unusual crush?

Let’s talk crushes, shall we? I always thought I had a “type” based on the dudes I grew up crushin’ on: pretty, sort of feminine but still masculine, good, thick hair, well-manicured, pretty. I’ve always loved pretty. A sampling of the major obsessions through the Andrea years (excuse my blatant objectification): Leonardo DiCaprio, circa the Titanic Years. Ah, Jack Dawson. So chiseled, so brooding, though looking back now, he looks, like, scary young. Like my little brother’s age. But he was IT for me, that first crazy heart-pounding, go-to-the-theatre-seventeen-times, buy-the-pillowcase-with-his-face infatuation. At our public library, I paid 5 cent per page for the printer to take hours (these were the day before inkjet) to inch out black and white photos of… Read More